We provide information and support to parents through events such as courses, seminars and support groups. We also provide individual assistance to families.

What we do?

Clan WA helps strengthen families and communities. Our support includes confidential, voluntary support and information for families with children aged 0-18 years. We provide community courses and information seminars for parents, support groups and individual support.

Why we do it:

So that our community will have strong families, confident parents and happy, healthy children. We know that parenting isn’t always easy, but we also know how important it is and how much having support can help. We don’t have all the answers, but we work alongside parents to help them find what works best for them and their family.

Is Clan WA part of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (DCPFS)?

No, we do sometimes work with DCPFS to support families, but we are not part of the Department and we don’t work for them.

Will everything I tell you be confidential?

Yes, we keep your information confidential. The only time we will disclose information is when we have a concern about the safety of yourself, your child or someone in your family or when we are legally required to. If we can, we will talk to you about this first, so that you know what is happening. If you’d like to read our policies about child protection, client protection or privacy, click HERE.

What can you help me with?

We can support you with learning more about your children’s development, behaviour and social and emotional needs. We can help you feel more confident about your parenting skills. If you would like more information or a referral to other support services, or want to meet other parents in your community, we are able to help. While we are here to help you, it doesn’t mean doing your dishes or babysitting your children, but it does mean we can support your parenting by providing information, explaining what children need, listening to what you are struggling with and supporting you to find solutions.

Can you tell me how to get my child to listen/go to bed/ play nicely with her sister?

We can help with all of those things. Working from a strengths approach means that we won’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but we will listen to you, support you and help you find the way that works for your family. We understand that you know your family and you might just need a little bit of help to get things back on track. We can provide you with lots of ideas and knowledge (based on research in this field) about children’s development, behaviour, social/emotional needs and different ways of parenting so that you can make the best possible choices for your family.

You can have a look through our resource sheets HERE to get some ideas.

What if I need something that you can’t provide?

We will help you find what you need. We can link you in to other services or give you ideas about who might be able to help.

Will I need to pay to access your services?

Many of our services for parents are free or have a small administration cost. Thanks to government and community funding, we are able to provide these important services at a much reduced cost.

How do I sign up for one of your community courses and information seminars?

Just click HERE to see all our current events and register to attend.

Do your community courses and information seminars have a creche?

Wherever possible, we will provide a creche for the children of parents attending one of our courses or seminars. Check HERE to see if the event you are interested in attending has a creche.

How long are your courses and seminars?

We do not have a standard length for our course/seminars. Most of our courses/seminars run for 2 hours, however some run over a number of session. The length of our courses/seminars is included in the outline for each. We try to accommodate a range of times and days and locations, so that as many people can attend as possible. Let us know what you’d prefer by sending us feedback HERE.

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